Porsche Finance Group implements Compliance principles


Porsche Finance Group (PFG), which specializes on financing the purchase of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Porsche vehicles, introduced internal Code of Conduct that unifies main moral and ethical working principles of the company, according to Compliance system.

“In our understanding, Code of Conduct is not a list of precise instructions, but a guide to choose right actions, which provides advices and recommendations on working process”, tells Josef Graf, Head of the Management Board of Porsche Finance Group. “This Code contains the most important basic principles of our activity and will be useful in solving legal and ethical challenges, faced by our employees.”

Along with general rules of working discipline, Code of Conduct comprises recommendations on preventing corruption and conflicts of interests, building relationships with business partners and third parties, safety of personal and internal information of the company etc.

Moreover, being a part of Porsche Holding Group — one of the world’s leading automobile distributors, which is known by high level of social responsibility and moral standards, proved by perennial activity — PFG also attaches importance to the compliance of its activity with main international conventions, theses of which contain considerable instructions for behavior of those companies, which function internationally, as well as for their employees. These recommendations are prominent in the new Code of Conduct, together with requirements of national legislation, internal rules and values of Porsche Holding Group.

“By financing automobiles, we try to promote mobility for the benefit of society, not forgetting about individual needs, ecological and economic demands, which every international enterprise faces. We hope that all PFG employees will follow Compliance principles and apply rules of the Code. This will definitely strengthen our positions and positively influence the business environment in general”, concluded Josef Graf.

Porsche Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by the companies of “Porsche Leasing Ukraine”, “Porsche Mobility” and “Porsche Insurance Agency”. They are the property of Austrian “Porsche Bank”, which in its turn belongs to “Porsche Holding” (Volkswagen AG). In Ukraine Porsche Finance Group offers services of financial, operating leasing and crediting of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Porsche vehicles both for legal entities and individuals and holds the position of a market leader in vehicles financing. Besides, Porsche Finance Group offers the corporate clients fleet management services and acts as an intermediary in insurance policies issue for vehicle buyers.