Now it is possible to lease a tractor with VAB Leasing without any financial documents

22.04.2013 New unique product from VAB Leasing - "Fast leasing for tractors" has started on April, 1 for legal entities and individuals.

It is absolutely new and unique, without any analogues at the leasing market program that provides leasing for small tractors MTZ without providing any financial statements.

"The benefits of this program are evident, as now the client has the opportunity to lease small tractors of MTZ without providing financial documents. In this case, the downpayment will start from 35%, and the maximum term of leasing is two years, which allows to make leasing fee for farmers and large farming enterprises accessible"- says Lyudmila Zolotaryova, General Manager VAB Leasing.

In addition, with this program VAB Leasing Clients receive a number of additional benefits including: free installments for the initial extra cost of insurance and registration, comprehensive service support throughout the lessee of the agreement and more. The main requirement for the lessee is experience in the agricultural industry for at least 2 years.

"This program will help agricultural producers in Ukraine not only to strengthen its capacity but to increase the volume of activity, and rational use of working capital. Having tested the same conditions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, we have identified market needs for simple, fast and convenient program for the client and put it for ourselves as a major target. All of our new programs are designed for accessibility and easy leasing for all types of customers"- sums up Lyudmila Zolotaryova.


VAB Leasing was registered in November 2005. VAB Leasing provides financial leasing services of transport (cars, trucks, buses), machinery, equipment and operational leasing cars, leasing services with service to legal entities and individuals. VAB Leasing charter capital is 35.35 million UAH.