“NOVA Insurance Co.” has become a part of "Kiev Market of Underwriting" (KMU)

21.03.2012 “NOVA Insurance Co.” has become a part of the insurance companies – participants of "Kiev Market of Underwriting" (KMU). The participants of KMU are brokers and insurance companies, which aim to see the joint provision of high-quality insurance protection to the client during the entire period of the insurance contract.

Joining “NOVA” into KMU indicates its willingness to provide a reliable insurance protection and good faith to fulfill its obligations, as well as the confidence of insurance intermediaries to the “NOVA” as a professional reliable partner, able to opened and civilized conduction of insurance business.

Protecting the interests of the insured is achieved through the development of professional insurance proposal, regular inspection and standardization of the conditions of insurance contracts, the systematic control of insurers. Insurance companies-participants reinforce the obligations they take by introduction of a bank guarantee.

So, buying insurance from the insurer-participant of KMU the insured receives assurance that he will be offered by a quality insurance protection and, in case of insured event he will be paid indemnity professionally and promptly to the extent provided by the insurance contract.