“NOVA Insurance Co.” provides new bonuses within the discount program of the American Chamber of Commerce

8.05.2012 In cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce “NOVA” provides 25% discount to cardholders of Maxi Card for travel insurance when going abroad in May. To receive the discount it is enough to show Maxi Card in the sales centers of “NOVA” when concluding a contract.

            In anticipation of summer vacation this proposal is especially important: many of us plan a departure date in advance, and you can save considerably by buying insurance in advance. This bonus is also interesting for the companies –members of American Chamber of Commerce because their employees are often in foreign missions. They can optimize costs by taking out annual travel insurance policies in May.

            For people going abroad “NOVA” offers two types of policies. The package of services under the policy of the type A covers emergency care: medical, dental, transportation and repatriation of the Insured. The policy makes it possible to insure against the consequences of an accident.

            Policy B-type, in addition to the risks covered by insurance policy A, includes reimbursement for the visit of a close relative, the evacuation of children and others. There is particularly relevant option of replacing the insured person and his early return for the companies, because it is necessary to replace an ill employee on a business trip.