“NOVA Insurance Co.”: main areas of activity remain

26.06.2012 Management of the insurance company "NOVA" announced the company's development strategy.

“NOVA” will continue to strengthen its positions in the insurance market of Ukraine as an insurer with a portfolio of universal services, which provides insurance products to individuals and corporate clients.

The main activities are preserved. In priority - property, automobile, personal insurance and liability insurance.

Victoriya Voloshyna, the Chairman of a Board, “NOVA Ins. Co.” says: "Now the priorities - implementation of financial plans, increasing of payments in priority areas of business, creation of new insurance products. Upon assuming our duties in "NOVA" and analyzing the situation for our team it became apparent that in the past few months there were a deviation from the basic directions of development and values. In this regard, the interaction with some partners has worsened. In the near future - repayment of debts and the resumption of cooperation”.

The company focuses on the qualitative changes that will establish new approaches to client service. "NOVA is going to refine internal business processes to improve customer service procedures at the conclusion of insurance contracts and the settlement of losses. Particular attention will be given to establishing a mechanism of operative insurance claim payment. In the near future office for the Center of motor payments will be rented on the right bank, close to the popular traffic interchanges.

The company intensifies cooperation with strategic partners: brokers, banks and others. Department of the interaction with the banks have already established in which the right staff has been selected with experience and successful projects in the banking sector. It is planned to expand the list of accreditations, including the regional offices of banks.

An important component of the strategy is the promotion of services through the broker distribution channel. IC "NOVA" is interested in creating an effective partnership programs for insurance brokers and construction of a competent circuit communication with them. Such an approach will contribute to a successful collaboration.

In some areas an underwriting policy is reviewed, which will generate high-quality insurance portfolio. First of all, the efforts of management are focused on managing for loss-portfolio of contracts of voluntary medical insurance (VMI). This trend remains the focus of the company's interests, but at this stage a thorough analysis of VMI contracts id required.

Also, "NOVA" will continue to access to regional markets. Opening of new centers is planned, that will provide insurance services under the existing license, the company, as well as increasing the number of customers in the existing regional offices. The company on an ongoing basis will hold meetings of top management and heads of regional divisions. This format, according to senior management, is essential for effective management of sales centers in the regions.

"Shareholders are not only interested in preserving the position of "NOVA" and also in continuing its active development. They support the leadership in his endeavors. Today "NOVA" entrenched in a segment of the leading universal insurers, taking significant positions in specialized rankings. Ukrainian insurance market has great potential and with a team of IC "NOVA" we want to implement it, increasing the company's achievements "- shared Victoria Voloshyna Chairman of the "NOVA."

As reported, the central office of  "NOVA" has moved to 7-V Tupoleva str. (right bank of Kiev). The sales centers at 26 Gorkogo str and 11-A Maryny Raskovoy str. are still working. Today policies of "NOVA" is also available in 7 regions of Ukraine: Kiev, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk (Mariupol), Kherson, Volyn, Zaporizhzhya and the Crimea (Simferopol).