“NOVA Insurance Co.”: results of first half of 2012

15.08.2012 “NOVA Insurance Co.” summarized financial results of first half of 2012. During the reporting period the volume of insurance premiums reached to UAH 25 747.6 thousand. The structure of insurance premiums’ portfolio as June 30, 2012 was 39% for motor insurance, 20% for personal insurance (including voluntary medical insurance), 8% for property insurance, 19% - mandatory insurance, 14% - another kinds of insurance.

In the first half of this year 74% (UAH 18 854.3 thousand) of raised premiums was received from customers-legal entities. Thus, the share of insurance payments from legal entities increased by 8% compared to the same period in 2011. It corresponds to stated strategy to strengthen the corporate direction.

            During the reporting period “NOVA” paid UAH 12 993.8 thousand. Increasing in CASCO payments is marked in 16.9%, personal insurance in 10% (compared to the same period of 2011). The structure of insurance payments is following: motor insurance – 57.02%, mandatory insurance – 23.7%, personal insurance – 19.2%.

            This distribution of types of insurance shows the equation and stability of the insurance portfolio, the structure of which "NOVA” continuously analyzes and controls.

            At June 8, 2012 Victoria Voloshyna has been appointed as Chairman of the Board. She says: “Today the main task is to keep an existing customer base and enter the amount of last year on insurance premiums. In the 1st half of this index decrease was observed. This is largely due to the change of top management. Company planes to further develop the main activities: property, automobile, personal insurance. Particular attention will be paid to cargo insurance. No grandiose tasks in the expansion of the market should not be. The main thing is transparent and profitable activity ", - underlined Victoria Voloshyna.

            The company's assets as at 30.06.2012, amounted to UAH 75,619 thousand, reserves - UAH 34 743, 30 thousand. Share capital - UAH 30 000 thousand.