VAB Leasing summarized the results of the 1st half of 2012

27.08.2012 In the first half of the year VAB Leasing confirmed its leading position at the Ukrainian leasing market and is among TOP-10 non-state leasing companies.

Thus, the number of leasing contracts for 6 months of 2012 comparing to the same period of 2011 increased for 24%. "Active work within joint programs with auto dealers gives positive results, because due to these conditions leasing became much more accessible to both corporate and retail customers. For example within special conditions the downpayment starts from 20%, in addition client receives absolutely interest free installments for the payment of registration, insurance, maintenance and other related expenditures, "- said Lyudmila Zolotaryova  VAB Leasing General Manager.

The pioneers of joint programs became auto dealers, but due to a positive impact on sales, other market participants began to develop own programs. For example, there is popular program for agricultural market “Leasing AGRO”, which considers all the characteristics and needs of Ukrainian farmers. Taking into account importance of minimizing of first expenditures “Leasing AGRO” program provides downpayments starting from 20% and possibility of seasonal schedules covers individual needs of each farmers.

According to the expert, the confirmation of availability and favorable conditions of leasing programs for retail customers is total increase for 60% number of leasing agreements with individuals. "A good addition, within joint programs with auto dealers is "Fast leasing", which allows to get a vehicle without income certificate. Decision will be known for 2 hours! "- Sums Lyudmila Zolotaryova.

Additional information

VAB Leasing was registered in November 2005. VAB Leasing provides financial leasing services of transport (cars, trucks, buses), machinery, equipment to legal entities and individuals. VAB Leasing charter capital is 35.35 million UAH.