Updated CASCO from “NOVA Insurance Co.”

19.09.2012 NOVA Insurance Company, Inc. offers an updated motor insurance program (CASCO). Product is based on the analysis of previously existing programs (“Optimal”, “Economy”, “Ideal”) and also the market needs.

A distinctive feature of the program is a wide range of additional insurance conditions. The client can design coverage by selecting the appropriate options to him or refusing those that are not interested. This gives him the opportunity to save money. Depending on the selected set of risks an acceptable price of policy is formed.


Updated CASCO conditions allow include into coverage options, popular among drivers (based on “NOVA” statistics): “Insurance excluding depreciation”, “Zero deductible for glass”, “Without certificate from the authorities” “Repair on basis of authorized repair station”, “Innocent in car accident”. And, most importantly, - one of the most popular options on the market for motor insurance "50/50". It provides for an insurance contract for its half value. If there were no insurance case during the year, the customer saves 50% of the total cost of the insurance contract.


The program envisages the possibility of complex insurance. If desired, the owner of the vehicle under a single contract can insure risks for several types of insurance: CASCO, voluntary civil liability of vehicle owners, accident insurance for drivers and passengers.


Another advantage of the program is that the insured now in the settlement of the insured event will provide less paperwork. Insurance company asks the authorities independently for necessary documentation to get the insurance certificate/


In order to encourage thoughtful drivers "NOVA" has developed a system of loyalty for them. At break-even insurance customer, extending the contract, gets a 5% discount. If he is in effect of weighty reasons interrupted a contract, the discount remains with him throughout the year.