Insurance Company “NOVA”: 100 % protection for half the cost of the CASCO policy

21.12.2012 “NOVA Ins. Co” notes the increased demand of insurers for the CASCO program 50/50.

Concluding an insurance contract for half the cost, the owner of the insured car has full coverage (in this case, the insurance payment is calculated without the use of a multiplying factor).

Thus, the customer saves 50% of the policy’s cost, if during the term of the contract where is no insurance case.

If the insured event has occurred, when to obtain indemnity a car owner pays the second part of the payment. That is, the insured decides to declare the incident to the insurance company or he repairs it by his own expense. Last is advantageous if the car repairs will cost less than the size of the second part of the insurance premium, the other driver is at fault in an accident, and he has paid for the damage on the spot or he has a policy of mandatory insurance from an insurer with a good reputation.

The program operates in an integrated CASCO product, which was “NOVA” recently updated. Due to the wide range of insurance conditions customers can include to insurance coverage an additional options: "Insurance excluding depreciation", "zero deductible on glass", "Without document from the authorities," "on the basis of an authorized repair station," etc.

In addition, the program has no restrictions on the time and place of storage of the insured car, insurance assistance support all around Ukraine. All drivers can use 50/50 CASCO with no restrictions on driving records.

This program is most popular among the experienced drivers.